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Browse the results of fleets in Colorado and throughout the country that have transitioned to alternative fuels.

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Electric Vehicles

1 Fleet charging station installation flowchart (pg.14)
2 San Diego and EV charging

Watch video to discover how Frito-Lay provides service with electric trucks in Columbus, Ohio.

Natural Gas Vehicles

1 Denver International Airport, Republic Waste Services, City of Grand Junction
2 Roaring Fork Transportation Authority

Watch video to find out how Golden Eagle Distributors delivers beer with compressed natural gas trucks in Tucson, Arizona.


1 City of Cincinnati
2 Mesa County Public Schools
3 Thyssen-Krupp Elevator


1 Virginia School Buses

Watch video to discover how Essential Baking Company in Seattle, Washington, relies on biodiesel delivery trucks.
Watch video to learn how the City of Hoover uses biodiesel and ethanol to fuel municipal fleets.


1 Municipal Fleet

Watch video to see how Canyon County saves fuel and improves air quality by fueling vehicles with ethanol and reducing idling.